You are just mad at the Bible

“I hate all religion” is often their way of saying “I just hate Christianity” / Abrahamic circle

I grew up in a Christain household. My mother was a pretty hard-hitting Greek Orthodox (very traditional Christianity sect if you are unaware). My father was a Methodist. I broke away around ages 18/19, drifted from belief to belief until I was about 20/21, settling into Paganism. I didn’t start calling myself a Hindu Pagan until I was around 25. During my years on this Earth, I have always found the idea of different religious beliefs interesting from culture to culture. Monotheistic or polytheistic, it is fascinating to study the history of these types of beliefs and how cultures and communities have changed throughout the years regarding this.

One thing has been a continuous pet peeve of mine though throughout my life. When people are screaming from the bottom of their soul “I HATE RELIGION” I can’t help but want to ask them “So what do you think about Jainism? What about Hellenism? How about Zoroastrian?” Often times when I have asked these people these questions, I am often meant with a blank stare or a sudden stutter “Oh, well THAT’S okay, it’s the others I am not okay with” which says to me “I just hate the Christianity and/or Abrahamic circle”.

I can understand the frustration with Christianity, especially in today’s era. However, for the love of all things above, please just say your bug is with Christianity specifically, not just “Religion”. People have believed in some kind of higher power since the beginning of time. It is our way of trying to find an explanation for what we observe (in life and death).

Although I work in healthcare and love biology, I am a firm believer that there will always be natural phenomena that we can’t explain with science. A great example of this is the “miraculous” medical cases whereby all means, the patient should have died (like extreme burn cases) but somehow the patient survives.

Don’t make click-bait titles saying “10 questions I challenge theists to explain” when you just mean “10 questions I want Christians to explain”. It really shows your ignorance when it comes to religion and spiritual beliefs.