This article puts so well into words why economy classes I've HAD to take in college and high school, I've been rolling my eyes out of my skull. They talk and act like a cabinet for Marie Antoinette - completely removed from the average American lifestyle.

It's why we never see gargantuam companies like Walmart on that old TV show "undercover bosses", because they'd see the true horrors of their company - which they want to so desperately remain blissfully unaware of.

I remember one time I happened to pass by some business majors on my way to class and they turn the customer completely into statistical numbers. They remove the humanity from capitalism, which has ultimately lead to the ruinous state that American markets are in now. They turn into an echo chamber for each other and refuse to believe any other concept/idea beyond the basic bare-minimum concepts they see in school relating to American economic textbooks.

I'm saying all this as someone whose lived in America for 98% of their life.

I’m a queer adopted healthcare worker who writers in their spare time. I have a MPH degree.