There is so much misconception and lies about sugar. I am a cancer survivor and one of the myths that just absolutely infuriates me is "sugar makes cancer worse, the cancer feeds on the sugar" because ALL cells use sugar (aka glucose) to become energized to do their jobs.

Really the key thing with sugar is this, you can have it, but in moderation (like most things when it comes to food). Again, as a cancer survivor, I am begging people to please stop trying to micro-manage your own diet. Unless it causes immediate discomfort/problems (painful GI symptoms, running/liquid stool, joint pains, etc.), stop worrying about it. Everything we eat on a daily basis (as well as other activities we do) will somehow increase or decrease our chances of getting cancer. The stress some people put into their daily diets IS NOT WORTH IT.

Going "sugar free" is bullcrap too because absolutely everything we eat has some kind of sugar in it (unless it's explicitly advertised as 'sugar free').

I’m a queer adopted healthcare worker who writers in their spare time. I have a MPH degree.