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Disclaimer : please discuss with a medical professional prior to changing your diet, medication, etc. What works for someone, might not work for someone else. Everyone’s body chemistry is slightly different, and thus will respond differently to different medication and diet plans. Suddenly making any change is dosage and/or diet could potentially have disastersous effects without proper oversight of a medical professional.

When I was 19, I was diagnosed with snapping hip syndrome. It is an arthritic condition. My doctor told me this was genetic, and thus, was only metaphorically speaking, a ticking time bomb for it to go off in me. I was having mild pain in my hips since I was around 14, but didn’t get severe until around the time of the diagnosis.

Snapping hip syndrome has a lot of names (such as “dancer’s hip”), but I’ll stick with snapping hip syndrome. I horse back rode frequently from when I was 9–16 years old. This can increase the risk of the illness, since the muscle typically in this situation grows too quickly for the body to adjust.

I remember vividly getting the diagnosis, in the passenger seat of the car with the paperwork. My dad was in the driver’s seat and said “Well if you didn’t sit around and use your laptop, you wouldn’t have this!”. I sat there, shell shocked. Denial or not, that was NOT how to handle that!

As the pain got worse in my hips, I noticed stairs became a huge struggle for me. I could go down them easily. However, up? That was a huge challenge. All other activities I could do with still relative ease.

My doctor tried putting me on meloxicam. It worked in the beginning (sort of), but my body built up a tolerance to it. Desperate to find relief, I tried turmeric. It is a herbal supplement that has a lot of benefits. It was night and day difference for me. It worked longer, and better than the meloxicam.

I still have hips in my pain to this day, and likely will forever. I tried physical therapy for a brief period, and it did provide some relief. I would love to try medical Marijuana whenever it becomes totally legal in my state (my state has medical Marijuana for legal usage in very limited ways).

I have gotten some judgement, but it mostly comes from my family. My mother flat out told me that she was embarrassed by me, because I needed mobility accommodations I’m certain situations, because of the chronic pain in my hips. My dad seems to think this pain will magically go away in its own, despite telling him on numerous occasions that this is a chronic illness.

I’m 22 now and try to go on as normally as I can throughout my days, despite me hips. I avoid stairs like the plague. Thankfully, my significant other and friends and very understanding of my condition, and know to try to avoid going up stairs, whenever possible.

I’m writing this to let the public know, that you are never too young to have joint problems. I have also had pains in my knees under specific circumstances, and my joints pop out like crazy in my elbows. I humorously say that my joints go out more than I do.

I have hypermobility syndrome and snapping hip syndrome. I will tell my tale with hypermobility syndrome another day. I hope this gave some sort of insight to those with chronic joint problems, and maybe gave some ideas for how to help yourself. One last tip, limiting your consumption of drinks to mostly water and juice based products (apple, grape, etc), can also possibly help reduce pain!

I’m a queer adopted healthcare worker who writers in their spare time. I have a MPH degree.

I’m a queer adopted healthcare worker who writers in their spare time. I have a MPH degree.