Don’t worry, this will be spoiler free!

I just got out of seeing Logan, the story of Wolverine as an older man. He ends up trying to help a young child with the help of an old Charles Xavier. I enjoy the movie, but with that being said, I would like to touch on a few things for the general public:

  1. Please leave your children at home for this movie! I do not care how much your six year old loves Wolverine, THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR CHILDREN! There is plenty of graphic blood and violence (including people losing limbs as well as getting their head blown/chopped off). There is also plenty of cursing in this movie, since I know some parents are sensitive to this. Please leave your infants at home! Not to mention, this is a longer movie (almost 2 hours and 30 minutes long), so your little five-year-old is not going to be able to sit through it (the couple sitting next to me in the theatre had brought their infant and young child, who only sat through about 65% of it before getting antsy).
  2. The film has no mid-credits and no ends-credits scene. Since this was produced by Fox (NOT Marvel), there is no mid and/or end credits scene, thought I would save you the trouble!
  3. The film is not very accurate to comic-book lore. I know there’s die-hard comic fans out there who want to see Logan. My boyfriend (who is really into the comic-universe for Marvel) said the film was not at all accurate to “old man Logan” in the comics
  4. The film’s own lore is questionable. The lore the establish for themselves for Wolverine’s healing power essentially goes against itself in a few scenes, which might raise a few eyebrows (especially with the ending scene).
  5. Characters you are rooting for, are going to die. This film certainly has a more somber/underline-macabre feel to it, so just a shout out if you are sensitive to that stuff.
  6. The film has a mixed-feelings ending. The way it ends, it feels like they could possibly make a sequel, but also leave as-is. It also feels a tad bit abrupt with how they end it.

Overall, I enjoyed the film. However, with that said, please do not bring your children to this movie. This is NOT a child-friendly movie by ANY means. You know how adults freaked out with Deadpool (despite it being also rated R)? The same deal is with this movie. The film is rated R for a reason, and personally, I would not feel comfortable letting kids in this movie (I would set the bar at 14, but even then that is kind of pushing it, I would feel most comfortable for the bar being at age 16 minimum to enter this movie, and I am saying that as a 23 year old).

I’m a queer adopted healthcare worker who writers in their spare time. I have a MPH degree.