Joy, you are the parent. Do not allow your child to literally steamroll you because of his disabilities. His disabilities are not an excuse to be violent at the slightest provocation. The reality is, someone could easily end up permanently disabled because of your son. Someone could die because of your son. Does it suck to be in these tragic life circumstances? Absolutely, but you need to take away the instinctive emotional mother response and look at it from an outsider’s perspective because that reality is, someone is going to end up dead by your son’s hands if you don’t do something to help rehabilitate him.

Like someone else mentioned in these comments, putting him in a long term care facility is the safest thing you and your family can do right now. Many of these clinics are more than happy to work out an affordable payment plan. They have the staff that are professionally trained to deal with these kinds of patients.

We are beyond once a week therapy. We are beyond experimenting with psychiatrist medication on your own. You need professional intervention, now. School systems are not safe for your child or for the student. Homeschooling poses a significant risk to your child hurting your family.

You do not have the proper training or education to deal with your son in the shape that he is in. This is why you need to place him in a long term care facility.

I’m a queer adopted healthcare worker who writers in their spare time. I have a MPH degree.