Jessica Jones Helped Me

I was a victim of stalking by my ex boyfriend. We dated for about three years, and soon after we broke up, he proceeded to stalk me electronically (through the phone, through social media, etc). The only reason things came to a stop, was because I was able to block him on everything.

A few months had passed since I had seen anything involving my ex boyfriend from the time I have blocked him. However, one our mutual friends happened to tag us on the same post on social media. The moment I saw his name, I had a horrible panic attack. It felt like my neck was frozen stiff. My hairs stood on end and I felt a large mix of feelings. I had never experienced anything that severe in terms of mental health, prior to this incident. I knew I needed help, so I got myself involved with the counseling services at my school.

We worked on exercises to help myself cope with the symptoms. I thought I had everything under control again. Fast forward about two years, to when Jessica Jones, a TV series based on a Marvel comic book character appears on Netflix.

The realization had dawned on me. The only thing that I had noticed that had lingered from the stalking from my ex is that bad dreams. Occasionally (once every three to six months at the minimum), I would have a dream that involved myself and my ex. I would scream at him every profanity under the sun. I was beyond vexed with him. I wanted him to profess all the wrongs that he had done to me (he has also sexually coerced me throughout the entire relationship, to which he vehemently has denied). I wanted him to know how much I have suffered over the years, because of everything that he had done.

Jessica Jones helped me realize that I had still lingering mental health symptoms going on. It helped me realize that I still had unresolved issues that I needed to sort through. I am really thankful that I watched this show with my boyfriend, because otherwise I still likely would be trapped in a limbo period of not knowing exactly what was going on with my mind.

I happened to notice that for the “created by” bit on the opening credits, it is made by a woman. Now, I do not want to drag gender politics into this, but I honestly feel like if this show was written by a male, the focus would be totally different (and/or handled completely differently). This show is paced and done in such a way, that it focuses on Jessica’s own survival through her own past, traumatic experiences. It doesn’t romanticize mental illness, nor does it skip over the important aftermath that traumatic incidents do to the brain. For this reason, I know many individuals are absolutely in-love with the show. Not many other shows have had the spine to tackle these serious issues, like Jessica Jones does.

I’m a queer adopted healthcare worker who writers in their spare time. I have a MPH degree.

I’m a queer adopted healthcare worker who writers in their spare time. I have a MPH degree.