I have been established on Byte for about a year now. I got a question. Us Byters are very concerned about the fate of Byte. I understand that you're trying to combine Byte and Clash, but at the end of the line, what's going to happen to the Byte app? The forums were shut down. We are very worried that you all are going to perma-delete byte and force us over to Clash.

Many apps in the years of the internet have been bought out by larger companies and later shut down. We on Byte are terrified that is going to happen to the app. Yes, we have discord, but it's not like Byte that's grown on us all. Can we please get some clarification on the exact fate of Byte? Saying "We are just going to merge" is annoyingly vague and DOES NOT settle our worries AT ALL.

Look at the app and scroll through the feeds and you'll see how unsettled all of us are, espicially those of us that have been on Byte for a good while.

I’m a queer adopted healthcare worker who writers in their spare time. I have a MPH degree.