I can’t just power through my fatigue

Being tired and fatigued are two totally different things. It would be like saying “A clinically depressed person is just a little down, they’ll perk up though in an hour and no longer be clinically depressed”.

I have chronic fatigue from my hypothyroidism, PTSD (caused via stalking), and all my joint issues. As you can imagine,it’s a royal pain trying to power through ALL of these things working against me. I’ll give you a quick anatomy lesson with the human body.The human body is always trying to stay in homeostasis, meaning, work at its best possible efficiency. In order to achieve this, sometimes it makes sacrifices in some areas to do better in others. One example is: you have arthritis in your hands. The body will make you tired so it can try to cope in the inflammation in your joints in your hands. Your body sacrifices energy in this case in order to better cope with the pain in your hands.

Now, imagine this happening with X amounts of conditions. Your body is basically saying “Ok, the house is on fire, what is the least of our worries so we can take care of bigger issues?”. Your doctor tries to come up with a plan to make one pain less, but it comes with the risk of other areas worse and/or causing a whole lot of other problems.

For myself, I want to throttle the people who say “Just suck it up buttercup.” You honestly think I’m not trying to function as my best?! Even with medication, some days are just about impossible. I want to sleep most of my days away on my worst symptom days. My loved ones are telling me to get up. They’re trying to give my incentives. I WANT to wake up and move, but I just fucking can’t. I don’t like being bed ridden cause of my tiredness. I WANT to draw. I WANT to sing. I WANT to play games, but my worst symptoms are TOO POWERFUL.

Let me put it to your this way:

OH SNAP, a car fell on you. You’re alive. People are saying “get up! you can do it!” You try, but since it’s a fucking car, you can’t. YOU ARE NOT PHYSICALLY STRONG ENOUGH to lift the car.

Now apply this scenario to fatigue. The devil inflammation (and/or whatever is causing your fatigue) is making your body’s cells (aka the little microscopic workers trying to keep you alive) are being overpowered by these rotten inflammation causers.

I’m just so fucking tired of being told “Suck it up” or “just get up, you can power through it.” No, I simply freaking can’t some days. I CAN NOT lift a car off of me.

I’m a queer adopted healthcare worker who writers in their spare time. I have a MPH degree.

I’m a queer adopted healthcare worker who writers in their spare time. I have a MPH degree.