Fuck your Jesus Pamphlet

“Save the Sinner” type pamphlets are rampant and are dangerous

To give context: I’ve worked in healthcare for a total of about fourteen months as of November 2019. I’ve worked in a hospital (in-unit, surgical, and intensive care unit) as well as a pain management clinic. Religiously, I consider myself an Ex-Christain (long story) and now see myself as a polytheistic Pagan.

When about to leave a restroom stall to head to my car this evening from helping doctors out at the hospital my workspace occupied, I noticed a “Save the Sinner” type religious pamphlet. When I worked in retail, I would occasionally see these guilt-tripping handouts, that was written clearly with the sole intention of taking advantage of the scared and vulnerable. The ones I saw while working retail typically had some seriously depressing image on it (a dark silhouette of a person sobbing or something similar). The ones I am finding in the hospital are just trying to make you feel absolutely awful through their words.

I hate it, I hate these stupid little pieces of paper with a passion. Finding them in retail is one thing, anyone is expected to go into retail. But the hospital? Absolutely infuriating. More so than finding them in retail. Why? Because if you’re in the hospital, if you aren’t apart of the staff team for the hospital, you are likely there for a very serious reason (either being a patient yourself or being a loved one of a patient). These people are scared and vulnerable.

Religious coercion is not the way to gain followers for whatever belief system you follow. Trying to use heavy words in your little handouts to guilt-trip a person into converting is only your way of masturbating your own religious ego. Your religious pieces of paper have no place in a hospital. Anywhere, really, but especially in a hospital or clinic.

Stop using religious terrorism to fuel your coercion and attempted conversion of people who are scared and vulnerable.

I’m a queer adopted healthcare worker who writers in their spare time. I have a MPH degree.