Bury Me, My Love focuses on a couple escaping the hardships of the Middle East where one wrong turn can mean a fatal mistake

Bury Me, My Love is an emotional journey about a romantic couple where the girl in this heterosexual relationship is trying to flee to Europe to escape the harships of the Middle East. This game came be found on Steam, Google Play Store, and the Nintendo Switch E-Shop.

The game is a unique experience, because majority of the game is done via text messages and picture messages. There are different time stamp cards that flash on screen to let the player know how much time has passed between different messages. Depending on the choices you make to text your romantic interest (Nour) will depend on the outcome of the game. There is no manual save option, which adds to the challenge of the butterfly-like effect the game has.

While some critics have accused the game of not being “realistic” it is important to remember that this game is based on two people of the gargantuam amount of people that are currently fleeing the middle east and seeking asylum. No one’s story is going to be exactly like the other person’s.

What is very touching part of the game is the fact that they recorded real life voices for some messages of the game. You can really hear the heartwrenching emotion within some of the recorded messages. If you are looking for a new choice-based game to play, I strongly recommend this game.

Bury Me, My Love does have a Facebook group (click) for those interested in discussing the game in depth!

I’m a queer adopted healthcare worker who writers in their spare time. I have a MPH degree.