The catch we don’t talk about in those interior designs and lifestyles

A potentially dangerous allure for many

If you are currently fighting a mental illness, specific to depression, eating disorder, and/or anxiety, read on with caution. This article goes into graphic descriptions of symptoms as well as my personal history with it. Viewer discretion is advised.

When I was going to college, I fell into clinical depression…

Having a panic attack was not on my to-do list today at the grocery store

A black and white photo of an aisle/walkway at a supermarket with a woman with her back towards the camera placed in the background
The public is one of the worst places to have a panic attack

I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) at age 24 and deemed in remission at age 25. I am 27 at the time of writing this article, and still experiencing PTSD-related flashbacks with it. …

I identify as nonbinary. Everyone will have a slightly different opinion on how exactly to define it. For myself, I see it as "I never really quite identitified fully as a girl or a boy." For me, I feel most comfortable in gender neutrality. I thrive in the gender neutrality.

I am so happy I learned about this phenomenon online

A notebook open that has some handwriting in it, the pages having green colored text on it, there is a pencil and highlighter sitting on the viewer’s right of the page
These things are saving my ADHD symptoms, it might help you out too, ADHD or not

I learned about bullet journals through the use of social media. I have seen similar notebooks before but never paid much attention to them. I was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) in my early 20s, however, my symptoms were overall manageable until recently. It got to the point where…

Save the person.

A black a white portrait of a person with one breast missing due to a masectomy with a tattoo over where the missing breast would be
This is the reality of breast cancer

The American Cancer Society estimates that one in nine anatomically female (born with excessive breast tissue, ovaries, etc.) people will have breast cancer in their lives. October is breast cancer awareness month. With that kind of statistic, many people have gone through breast cancer and/or know someone who did. …

I am not a fantasy archetype, my people are real people

A portrait of two Romani women from India

Note: this is a response to this article (click). The purpose of this article is for educational purposes.

I am a Russian Romani. One of my friends found a “gypsy makeup” link (hint — gypsy is considered a racist slur to many Romani) which, upon review, is frankly a terrible…

It’s “Meh”

A creepy looking antique puppet with a pig’s face holding a tiny toy gun
Ambitious but ultimately fails in its execution

A spoiler warning for those who have not seen the movie Spiral.

I have been a long-time SAW series fan. Between the interesting backstory behind the traps (from John Kramer’s terminal cancer to Amanda’s “No one can be fixed” philosophy to Mark Hoffman’s butchering of John’s initial philosophy) as well…

Excuse me, what the heck was that?

A guard from the Netflix series Squid Game holding a gun having a triangle on his mask wearing a magenta jumpsuit
This killer K-drama has taken the internet by storm

A quick warning — this will be discussing the finale to Squid Game so obvious spoiler warning for those who have not finished the series.

Squid Game has taken the internet by storm. It is on Netflix’s Top 5 most-watched series. We see some popular Korean actors from other movies…

Sorry, I’m not interested in religious trauma

Two hands with palms facing upward with what appears to be a mixture of blood and mud on the hands, behind the hands are a black background with white fog on the background, has an ominus tone to it
Religious trauma is a valid type of trauma that needs to be acknowledged more

I don’t have a good relationship with the Christain God. Despite being raised in a Greek Orthodox household (mother was Greek Orthodox, essentially “old school” Christianity; father was methodist, although not seemingly “super religious”), I never had strong attachments to Christianity. I didn’t formally break away until my late teens…

Another wonderful game in the Life is Strange series

A close up of Life is Strange True Color’s protagonist, Alex Cheng
Life is Strange True Colors stars Alex Chen

Preface: this will contain big spoilers for the game Life is Strange True Colors. Viewer discretion is advised for those who have not finished the game.

I just finished Life is Strange True Colors. It is another magnificent game within the LIS series. It hits hard on the emotional choices…

Vi Stasiya

I’m a queer adopted healthcare worker who writers in their spare time. I have a MPH degree.

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