We need to stop pushing the belief that chiropractors are “fake doctors”

Chronic pain is miserable and isolating.

For background purposes — I have worked in healthcare for about three years. Six of those months were in a pain clinic. I also have chronic pain myself. It started in my lower back in my teenage years but it has since flared up to my neck, my hips, and…

I know, what a shocker.

Unibrows, even ones that just have a few stray hairs between the eyebrows are actually pretty common

I am adopted. My ethnic origins involve the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and India. My adoptive parents are “very white” as I’ll put it (a lot of Northern European genes for my father and Middle European genes for my mother). Essentially blindly accepting why “ladies should be without body hair”…

Kids are kids and we need to stop telling them “they are mature for their age”.

Kids need to enjoy being kids

Warning- I discuss child sexual exploitation in this article, nothing too detailed, but viewer discretion is still being advised.

I was constantly told I was “mature for my age” as a child. That mentality got me into some dangerous situations online. …

Stop treating us like we’re something to aspire to be with everyday tasks

“Inspirational porn”, especially out of everyday tasks, is incredibly hurtful towards the disabled community

Quick note, when I say the word “disabled”, I am speaking about people with chronic conditions where it affects their daily life (chronic pain, neurological disorders, neurodivergent, mental illness, etc.).

Disabled and/or neurodivergent people do not exist for you to gawk at. We do not exist to be your inspiration to “try harder” or “seize the day”.

Social media is terrible about this, but LinkedIn, in particular, is terrible about sharing posts of say, an amputee buying…

As an adopted person from Russia, I am so bloody sick of “comrade” jokes

A photo of John Kennedy, a republican from Louisiana
What you said John Kennedy is racist and I won’t have it

I was born in Moscow, Russia in January. I was adopted and brought to the USA before I was one year old. I have lived in America for about 97% of my life (I did the math). I am so sick of every tired joke that people suddenly think they’re…

Sex Education created a vile character that doesn’t deserve redemption

Hope Haddon is the new headmistress of the school in Season 3 of the show Sex Education on Netflix. Obviously spoiler alert for season 3 if you have not made it through the season.

Hope has done numerous questionable and downright criminal things in this season. For starters, she imprisoned…

It took me 10+ years for a formal diagnosis

Beds are regular for narcolepsy

There’s a lot of misconceptions surrounding narcolepsy. Let’s take a second to go over some things I wish people knew about narcolepsy.

  1. Some of us lose control of our muscles.

“Narcolepsy with cataplexy” is a type of narcolepsy where when one experiences a strong emotion (laughter, anger, happiness, fear, etc.)…

Non-black people of color exist and we need to acknowledge them in POC (people of color) circles.

An 18 color foundation palette from Kryolan, a professional makeup brand
We, humans, come in all shapes and colors, we need to stop creating superficial barriers between us

I am not white. The best way to describe me would be “NBPOC” (non black person of color). However, when someone like myself tries to join social groups online for “POC”, I often see NBPOC (olives, Arabs, Hispanic, Asian, etc.) struggles be minimized and/or flat out encouraged to leave the…

Vi Stasiya

I’m a queer adopted healthcare worker who writers in their spare time. I have a MPH degree.

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